The Indo-European collection

Reference collection, no lending

The collection contains 2,500 books and 8 journals. It is situated in the Indo-European project room on the 5th floor (room 22.5.26). The books and journals cannot be taken home, but are to be read in situ. The books/journals in the collection can be searched in the Linguistics catalogue.

The Indo-European handbook collection contains books and newer journals on general Indo-European subjects and central encyclopaedia, including different historical and comparative grammars, text collections and etymological dictionaries. The collection also contains some older special prints from Armenian, Celtic, Baltoslavic, Baltic, Lithuanian and Slavic linguistics.


The project room also functions as a meeting and teaching room for the project group "Roots of Europe" and the Indo-European discipline. It is reserved for teaching and meeting activities, in which case there will be no access to the collection.

Lending rules

The publications in the collection cannot be taken out. It is possible, however, to take out books from the collection for a short period of time, in order to copy from them or read them in the reading hall in room 22.5.04. There is a small number of reading desks in the project room.


To search for  books and journals: use the library system REX

To search articles and journals you can use academic bibliographies
To search in the collection’s Armenian, Celtic, Baltoslavic, Baltic, Lithuanian and Slavic special prints: contact the project’s student assistants (see list of employees).