The linguistic collection

Books to lend (information on lending here)

The collection contains approx. 22,000 books and subscribes to around 80 journals. The collection is situated on the 4th floor of the Library. See plan here.

The collection includes:
Books and journals on linguistics (general linguistics, audiologopedics, phonetics, Indo-European, reading and psychology of language).


Via the REX system you can choose to browse the local collection alone. If not, you will be browsing all of the Royal Library’s collection of printed and electronic books and journals. To search articles and journals, you can use academic bibliographies and the Subject guide for Linguistics and the Subject guide for Audiologopedics.

Linguistic handbook collection

This collection is situated in the room for new books and journals, room 22.2.16, which is fitted with reading desks. The books cannot be taken home.


The collection’s publications are divided in the following 5 main groups:

  • Supporting literature – books on non-linguistic disciplines such as psychology, sociology, physiology
  • Literature on linguistics
  • Literature on specific languages 
  • Dictionaries, handbooks and encyclopedia (cannot be taken home)
  • Journals (cannot be taken home)

For information on how the main groups are subdivided, please contact the library staff.

See the shelving of the books in the floor plans of the library.