18 April 2016

Proceedings from Care and conservation of manuscripts 15

M.J. Driscoll (ed.): Care and conservation of manuscripts 15. Proceedings of the fifteenth international seminar held at the University of Copenhagen 2nd–4th April 2014. Museum Tusculanum Press 2016.

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The remarkable choir book from Valencia required the skins of 189 lambs for the manufacture of its parchment pages. (Illustration from the book).

The proceedings from the 15th international seminar on the care and conservation of manuscripts is now available in print. The seminar was attended by 147 participants from 28 different countries and 29 papers were given, of which 23 are represented in the printed volume. Plus one, based on a paper that had been accepted but unfortunately could not be given.

The seminars have been held at the University of Copenhagen and the Royal Library of Denmark since 1994 as an interdiscplinary seminar which aims to bring together conservators, librarians, archivists, scholar, curators and others who work with manuscripts and early printed books in any capacity.