Katrine Kehlet Bechsgaard

Katrine Kehlet Bechsgaard


Current research

I am working on a research project about the last names that we choose to keep, change or mix in new ways, when we establish (or dissolve) a family. Just four decades ago, Danish women still automatically got their husband’s last name when getting married. Today, 25% of last name changes are done by men, just like it has become common for couples to combine their middle and last names in new ways, to choose a new last name together, and it has become possible for unmarried and same-sex couples to share a last name. So, what do these new ways of using last names mean for building (and tearing down) family identity? And which functions do last names serve in families today? 

The project is supported by the Carlsberg Foundation.


In my PhD project, I have examined which factors are important for parents in Denmark when choosing first names for their children as well as the degree of social differences in name choices.



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