Language and place. Linguistic Variation in Urban and Rural Denmark (LaPUR) – University of Copenhagen

The project "Language and Place – Lingustic Variation in Urban and Rural Denmark" examines the effect of young speakers' orientation towards local places in Bylderup, a village in Southern Jutland, and in Vollsmose, a suburb of Odense.

Bylderup is a rural village in a traditional dialect speaking area of Southern Jutland and Vollsmose is a poly-ethnic suburban neighbourhood south of Odense on the island of Fyn.

In the project, we compare language use of adolescents in these areas with the aim to gain new insights into uses of local dialect and their connections with attitudes and local place orientations.

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About the project

The project will contribute to the theoretical development of language variation and place in sociolinguistics and modern dialectology and will serve to develop and test new methods for the investigation of linguistic practice.

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The project is hosted by the Department of Nordic Research, University of Copenhagen in cooperation with University of Aalborg.

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