Language and place. Linguistic Variation in Urban and Rural Denmark (LaPUR)

Language and Place – Linguistic Variation in Urban and Rural Denmark (LaPUR) was funded by The Independent Research Fund Denmark from September 2014 till August 2018.

Project results have been communicated in scientific publications, at conferences and workshops and in the public media.

During the project, the research team published seven newsletters reporting on LaPUR events and activities.

The aim of the research project was to study how conceptions of, and orientations towards place correlate and interact with uses of dialect, multiethnic youth style, and Standard Danish. Studies were carried out among young people in the rural town of Bylderup in Southern Jutland, and in the Odense social housing district, Vollsmose, on the island of Funen. Find a list of the project data here.

An overall goal of LaPUR was to contribute to a theorization of language variation and place in dialectology and sociolinguistics, as well as to test and develop new methods for investigating linguistic practices. Please browse our list of publications for results and new insights.

Collaborating with external partners nationally and internationally, the project incorporated perspectives of sociology, sociolinguistics and dialectology.
Collaborating partner from Aalborg University: Anja Jørgensen.
Advisory board.
Visiting professor in 2016: Barbara Johnstone.