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15. marts 2017

Ny bog om sproglig konventionsdannelse

Forskergruppen Sprog i tid og kontekst udgiver den 15. marts antologien Creativity and Continuity. Perspectives on the Dynamics of Language Conventionalisation. Bogen giver et nyt, samlet blik på sproglig konventionsdannelse som betoner de dynamiske aspekter og interesserer sig for kognitive, sociale og historiske vekselvirkninger mellem stabilitet og nydannelse ud fra en række forskellige teoretiske synsvinkler, både sproglige og litterære.

Bogen rummer 16 bidrag:

  1. Communication: Creativity and Continuity, Dorthe Duncker and Bettina Perregaard
  2. Rephilologisation: Toward the Integration of Linguistics and Literary Scholarship, Christian Benne
  3. The Body Language of Text: The Relationship Between the Textual Content and the Physical Appearance of Text in the Process of Transmission (Scholarly Editing), Anne Mette Hansen
  4. Methodological Issues in Analysing Human Communication: The Complexities of Multimodality, Tina Høegh
  5. Heteroglossia and Voice in Use, Nina Møller Andersen
  6. Consciousness, Language, and the Metaphor of Construction, Bettina Perregaard
  7. Speaking in Time, About Time, Gregory Mills
  8. Conventionalisation and Formulaic Sequences: Mutual Expectation in Conversational Real Time, Dorthe Duncker
  9. Generic ‘du’ in Time and Context: A Study of Intra-Individual Variation and Change, Torben Juel Jensen
  10. Reduction of Plosives by Individual Speakers in Interaction, Nicolai Pharao
  11. “I am Lucky I Can Speak Arabic”: Linguistic Hegemony and Minority Language Use in Copenhagen, Martha Sif Karrebæk
  12. Norms, Polycentricity, and Polylanguaging on Social Media, Martha Sif Karrebæk, Andreas Stæhr, Kasper Juffermans, Anu Muhonen
  13. How Do We Get to Know a New Word? The Social Establishment of Novel Words as Part of Their Creation, Line Brink Worsøe
  14. Observation and Analysis Through Textmaking, Tina Høegh
  15. Language Dynamics, Values, and Interactivity, Paul J. Thibault
  16. “Walking Together We Create the Road”: Linguistic Conventions and Conventionalisation from a Peircean Perspective, Ole Nedergaard Thomsen