A mixed methods evaluation of a mentalising education programme for the community pharmacy workforce in Denmark: a promising way forward to deliver patient-centered counselling

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Background: This article presents the results of the evaluation of a mentalising education programme for staff at community pharmacies as to whether it had made counselling more patient-centred.

Methods: A mixed-methods design was chosen, combined with Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation. Twenty-eight participants from 11 community pharmacies participated. Data comprised qualitative reports at the end of the programme and measurements of Level of Emotional Awareness, Job Satisfaction, and Course Experience questionnaires.

Results: The qualitative evaluation revealed three themes: “Awareness of emotions and communication skills is an important element when mentalising is the goal”, “It’s far more than a dispensing situation – I now tune into the patient”, “I don’t have to hide behind the screen any longer”. The quantitative evaluation showed a significant increase in awareness of mental states, improvement in job satisfaction, and satisfaction with the programme.

Conclusion: The results show promise in supporting the pharmacy workforce to adopt a patient-centred approach during counselling.
TidsskriftPharmacy Education
Udgave nummer1
Sider (fra-til)237-251
StatusUdgivet - 2023

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