How patient-centredness takes place in pharmacy encounters: a critical common-sense interpretation of video-recorded meetings

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Counselling patients in community pharmacies is important to obtain the best usage of medicines. However, it does not seem to be sufficiently patient-centred. To become more patient-centred, communication guidelines could be used but the guidelines need to be supplemented with up-to-date research that specifies how patient-centredness takes place or could take place in the pharmacy encounters.

To use a qualitative methodology to investigate how patient-centeredness unfolds in Danish pharmacy encounters by analysing video-recorded encounters.

A maximal variation sampling strategy was applied, including staff from 2 pharmacies. A preunderstanding of ‘patient-centredness’ guided the analyses with focus on the development of relationships, understanding the patient’s situation, and coordination of care. Data were then subjected to a ‘critical common-sense’ interpretation. To validate identified themes, ‘structural corroboration’, ‘researcher triangulation’, and a ‘meaning saturation process’ were carried out.

Nineteen encounters were included. Overall, the staff took responsibility for ensuring patients’ optimal medicine use and focused on biomedical aspects of the treatment. Important messages conveyed by staff appeared to be that there is one correct way of taking medicines and that taking the medicine is an uncomplicated process. Patients were rarely invited to provide their perspective.

Staff showed commitment to ensuring patients’ optimal medicine use, but during this process, they predominantly relied on a reductionist approach to medicine. This must be addressed as it hampers patient-centredness. Suggestions for how to become more patient-centred are given.
TidsskriftInternational Journal of Clinical Pharmacy
Sider (fra-til)146–153
StatusUdgivet - 2023

ID: 325823339