Immigration in the Manifestos and Parliament Speeches of Danish Left and Right Wing Parties between 2009 and 2020

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The paper presents a study of how seven Danish left and right wing parties addressed immigration in their 2011, 2015 and 2019 manifestos and in their speeches in the Danish Parliament from 2009 to 2020. The annotated manifestos are produced by the Comparative Manifesto Project, while the parliamentary speeches annotated with policy areas (subjects) have been recently released under CLARIN-DK. In the paper, we investigate how often the seven parties addressed immigration in the manifestos and parliamentary debates, and we analyse both datasets after having applied NLP tools to them. A sentiment analysis tool was run on the manifestos and its results were compared with the manifestos’ annotations, while topic modeling was applied to the parliamentary speeches in order to outline central themes in the immigration debates. Many of the resulting topic groups are related to cultural, religious and integration aspects which were heavily debated by politicians and media when discussing immigration policy during the past decade. Our analyses also show differences and similarities between parties and indicate how the 2015 immigrant crisis is reflected in the two types of data. Finally, we discuss advantages and limitations of our quantitative and tool-based analyses.
TitelProceedings of ParlaCLARIN III @ LREC2022 : Workshop on Creating, Enriching and Using Parliamentary Corpora
RedaktørerDarja Fiser, Maria Eskevich, Jakob Lenardič, Franciska de Jong
ForlagEuropean Language Resources Association
ISBN (Elektronisk)9791095546856
StatusUdgivet - 2022

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