Investigations of prosody perception by adult cochlear implant recipients

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Do not. Stop. [Du må ikke. Hold op.] Do not stop.[Du må ikke holde op].

As per the example above, the accurate perception of prosody as it occurs in natural speech is necessary for competent receptive communication. The studies included in this thesis use natural utterances and re-synthesized speech to investigate the perceptual abilities of adult cochlear implant listeners in Danish and Swedish language settings. These studies examine performance relationships between prosody and other indexes of speech perception, including common clinical measurements.Results shed light on inherent device limitations and speech perception via an electrical-neural interface.
This thesis is relevant to auditory rehabilitation, cochlear implant candidacy issues and sound processing in cochlear implants.
ForlagDet Humanistiske Fakultet, Københavns Universitet
Antal sider98
StatusUdgivet - 2014

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Forsvaret 4. februar 2014

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