The perception of two linguistic functions of prosody in Danish

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This paper examines the prosodic perceptual ability of listeners (n=22) in tasks involving global intonation contours and local voice pitch variation. The signaling of utterance type was tested with speech material that included read and non-scripted questions and statements. Local variation was tested with an identification task where the level of prominence of an anaphor signaled either the subject or non-subject of a preceding sentence. Logistic regression revealed that question and statement identification differed between read and non-scripted material and was not linked to performance on the subject/non-subject task. A response bias was also observed in the vocoded condition towards statements. W e conclude that performance differences between the two tasks may be due either to the task-related language ability of the listener or to differences in the perception of global and local prosody.
Antal sider4
StatusUdgivet - 2015
BegivenhedInternational Congress of Phonetic Sciences - Glasgow, Storbritannien
Varighed: 10 aug. 2015 → …


KonferenceInternational Congress of Phonetic Sciences
Periode10/08/2015 → …

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