Thursday 14 April - Session B

  • Venue: Seminar Room: 23-4-39

Session 1, B: 9.00-10.30

9.00-9.25: 9.00-9.25: Judith Bannerman, Zane Cunningham, Mark Underhill and Amanda Heath, Tate Britain, London: Anoxic Framing Section: Micro-fade testing and anoxic framing of manuscript documents from 1782-1859: Results of a research project.
9.30-9.55: Felix Albrecht, Septuaginta-Unternehmen der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Göttingen: Zwischen Fluch und Segen: Der Einsatz chemischer Reagenzien in der Palimpsestforschung des 19. Jh.s.
10.00-10.25: Dorina Rusu, Cultural Heritage Restoration-Conservation Centre, National Complex of Museums, Iaşi, Ghiocel Ioanid, Romanian Academy, „P. Poni" Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Iaşi, Simona Dunca & Cătalin Tănase, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iaşi: Comparative studies on decontamination- cleaning treatments of paper through low pressure plasma process and corona effect.

  • 10.30-11.00: Coffee

Session 2, B: 11.00-12.30

11.00-11.25: Robert Fuchs, CICS Cologne Institute for Conservation Sciences: Unrolling a papyrus - Investigations of an 3500 years old painted Book of the Dead: The possible invention of the third dimension in old Egyptian painting.
11.30-11.55: Jiří Vnouček, Royal Library, Copenhagen, Marek Suchý, Prague Castle Archives: The Prague Sacramentary - from manuscript folios back to animal skins.
12.00-12.25: Ian Christie-Miller, independent researcher, England: Watermark Research - New Light on the English Reformation.

After the presentation Dr. Christie-Miller will demonstrate how an infra red light source can be used for front lighting and for back lighting. 

  • 12.30-13.30: Lunch

Session 3, B: 13.30-15.00

13.30-13.55: Inês Correia, National Archives of Portugal: 'Revelations' of a 13th-century Bible, from archaeological evidence to digital display.
14.00-14.25: Andrea Puglia, Università di Sienna: Digitising, musealising and analysing the medieval book: Models drawn from the study case of Volterra, Pisa, Tuscany. Unfortunately this lecture is cancelled because of circumstances beyond our control

14.00-14.25: Marleena Vihakara, National Library of Finland: Conservation and digitisation of over 9000 parchment leaves: A case study of how we handled the mass in the National Library of Finland. Please note changed time for this lecture

  • 15.00-15.30: Coffee break
The final session of the day is a joint session in Lecture Hall 20-0-49
  • 18.00: Reception Munkekælder, University of Copenhagen, City Campus.