Contributions to journals

The reserachers at NorS are involved in the publication of a number of journals which focus on the subjects covered at the department:

Nordand - Nordisk tidsskrift for andrespråksforskning

NorS is represented by editor Martha Sif Karrebæk and editorial board member Juni Søderberg Arnfast. Read the journal here.

CIRCD publications

CIRCD publications publishes peer-reviewed working papers and reports on current developments within the area of interaction and communication in institutional settings. It is targeted at researchers and students in akademia. The editoral board is comprised of researchers from the Centre for Interaction Research and Communication Design atNorS.

Social Interaction. Video-based Studies of Human Sociality

The journal publishes articles within the area of interaction, focusing on workplace settings and data which occur naturally and are video recorded. NorS is represented on the editorial board by Mie Femø Nielsen and Brian Lystgaard Due (both from CIRCD). The editorials are assisted by and international advisory board.

Danske Studier

The journal was established in 1904 and publishes articles on folklore, Danish language and literature. NorS is represented on the editorial board by Henrik Blicher.


Grundtvig-Studier publishes articles and notices about current Grundtvig-related publications. It is published by Grundtvig-Selskabet in collaboration with the Grundtvig Centre at Aarhus University. NorS is represented on the editorial board by Sune Auken.

Mål og Mæle

Mål og Mæle publishes articles on language, language usage and other linguistic news. publicerer artikler om sprog, sprogbrug og sprogligt nyt. NorS is represented on the editorial board by Thomas Olander. A scientific panel contributes to the editorial work and is comprised of Kasper Boye, Carsten Elbro, Erik Hansen, Holger Juul and Jørn Lund.

NyS Nydanske Sprogstudier

NyS publishes peer-reviewed articles on language and linguistics on topics such as the newest research into the Danish language, development og language theory, traditional linguistics such as grammar and pragmatics and on language seen through the lenses of paedagogy, sociology, philosophy and psychology. NyS is therefore a forum for established researchers, but also very much a forum for up-and-coming researchers, as it also presents studies by students in higher education. NorS is represented on the editorial board by Tanya Karoli Christensen, Torben Juel Jensen and Jan Heegård Petersen.

Scientific Studies of Reading

The journal publishes empiric studies of reading and related subjects such as word recognition, comprehension, writing, intervention, comparisons of orthographies etc. as well as reviews of other publications. The editorial board is comprised of international scholars and NorS is represented by Carsten Elbro.   

Annals of Dyslexia by the International Dyslexia Association

Carsten Elbro acts as scholarly advisor for the organisation responsible for this peer-reviewed journal which publishes studies of dyslexia and related language disorders.