A Dictionary of Old Norse Prose

A Dictionary of Old Norse Prose (ONP) is a historical dictionary of the prose language of medieval Norway (up to c. 1370) and Iceland (up to c. 1540). It will eventually define every Old Norse word in both Danish and English. ONP is funded by the Arnamagnæan Commission.

The dictionary in numbers

The dictionary consists of around 65,000 headwords and 840,000 citations. As of March 2019, around 30,000 of these headwords have been edited and 500,000 citations defined and/or structured. There are around 60,000 senses identified, with 16,000 having both English and Danish definitions (mainly words starting A-E), 15,000 in Danish only, 1,000 in English only and 28,000 without definitions (mainly verbs).

The dictionary also includes a catalogue of almost 5,000 independent manuscripts with prose contents and a bibliography of almost 5,000 items. Every citation in the dictionary is linked to the primary manuscript from which it originally derives.




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