PhD programme

The PhD programme is organised by the Faculty of Humanities.

It is a three-year research training programme for which it is possible to apply after completing a Master's programme.

At the Faculty of the Humanities, the PhD programme is based on individually organised projects, in close interaction with the Faculty's PhD school, an academic supervisor and subject-relevant PhD courses, and by attachment to a relevant research group or subject-relevant centre at NorS.

PhD coordinator at NorS

The PhD programme at NorS is organised by a PhD coordinator. The PhD coordinator advises current as well as coming PhD students and their supervisors.

The PhD-koordinator at NorS is associate professor Christina Fogtmann Fosgerau.

Room 22.5.44 
Phone: +45 35 32 86 42

PhD students

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bala, Paulina PhD Fellow +45 353-20566 E-mail
Barnwell, Jeppe Lindquist PhD Fellow +45 353-21266 E-mail
Bojsen-Møller, Marie PhD Fellow +45 353-35949 E-mail
Christensen, Iben PhD Fellow +45 353-32802 E-mail
Dalberg, Line PhD Fellow +45 353-36462 E-mail
Flinker, Jens Kramshøj PhD Fellow +45 22 97 16 76 E-mail
Jeholm, Sofie PhD Fellow +45 353-35189 E-mail
Larsen, Anne PhD Fellow +45 353-24837 E-mail
Lillelund-Holst, Aleksandra Culap PhD Fellow +45 353-37481 E-mail
Messerschmidt, Maria PhD Fellow +45 353-34034 E-mail
Nielsen, Ann Merrit Rikke Research assistant +45 353-37181 E-mail
Nielsen, Henrik Balle PhD Fellow, external +45 353-26537 E-mail
Nielsen, Jessie Leigh PhD Fellow +45 353-30333 E-mail
Søby, Katrine Falcon PhD Fellow +45 353-26252 E-mail
gnq144, gnq144 PhD Fellow +45 353-27244 E-mail