Mons Bissenbakker

Mons Bissenbakker

Associate Professor

Areas of interest

My research – and supervisor competences – centres on the topics of: gender and sexuality, ethnicity and racialisation, nationality, affect and power. I have experience from analysing a wide range of culture products, including: literature, literary reception, media texts, popular culture, ministerial texts, legal material, etc.

The focal point of my current research project is the emotions of love and shame. Taking my starting point in the so called "affective turn" within critical theory, I examine what love and shame, respectively, "do" to various different social phenomena such as political debates and various cultural products. I am concerned with the role played by emotions in these contexts: How does love function seen as a modern power technology that does not cancel, but perhaps actually naturalizes power relations? How does the concept of affective attachment shape modern migration politics? What is the significance of shame for how e.g. sex work or asylum policies are discussed as political issues? How are contemporary ideas of good relations structured via ideas of love as always-already meaningful and egalitarian (such as the good family, the good relationship, the good workplace, or the good nation)? The project is undertaken in cooperation with, among others, the Research group in affect.

My research has been inspired especially by feminist, queer-theoretical and de-colonial theory and more recently trans*- and crip-studies and mainly uses discourse analytical and literary analytical methods. My earlier research has centred on analyses of fictional literature and critical curriculum analysis, respectively. In both cases, the focus has been on the constructions of gender, sexual and (partly) ethnic and racial identity.


  • Gender Research
  • Literary analysis
  • Queer theory
  • Decolonial theory
  • Discourse analysis
  • Education and education policy in a power perspective
  • Theory of science

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