Centre for Reading Research

Our research comprises all aspects of reading and spelling, their bases and consequences. Our research is driven by questions that are important to both practice and general knowledge.

We have contributed internationally to these fields among others:

  • language precursors of reading and spelling development
  • teaching vocabulary knowledge and inference making for reading comprehension
  • characteristics and causes of dyslexia
  • quality of phonological representations in the mental lexicon
  • dynamic testing of reading acquisition and L2 reading,
  • advanced uses of the cloze test format
  • morphological and syntactic processing in reading and spelling

We regularly collaborate with colleagues in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, UK, France, the Netherlands, Italy, USA, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Our research is reported in international journals as well as in books and articles for a wider audience. See list of publications

We give courses/talks both at and outside of the University of Copenhagen and have a long-standing affiliation with the educational programme in audiologopedics (in Danish).

The Centre for Reading Research was established in 1998 and is part of the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics.


Name Title Phone E-mail
Elbro, Carsten Professor +4535328656 E-mail
Gellert, Anna Steenberg Associate Professor +4535328166 E-mail
Juul, Holger Associate Professor +4535329132 E-mail
Poulsen, Mads Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535329131 E-mail

Student assistants

Marie Riis
Anne Thousig Jakobsen
Sara Nørgaard Reimers
Anne Cathrine Skovlund
Anina Sibylle Jacobi
Simone Zacher Christiansen
Laura Mølby Meyer
Frederikke Holmgaard Andersen

More information

More information is available on the centre's Danish homepage.