Intersubjectivity in Medical Communication (INMEDIC)

The research group Intersubjectivity in Medical Communication is affiliated with the research area Psychology of Language, which is situated at Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics. The focus is on health communication with a special emphasis on investigations of professionals’ and patients’ attempts to reach shared understandings, and the difficulties they may experience in doing so, for example, concerning issues such as pain, psychosomatic problems/issues and treatment possibilities.   































Name Title Phone E-mail
Davidsen, Annette Sofie Associate professor, DMSc, PhD +45 353-37524 E-mail
Fosgerau, Christina Fogtmann Associate professor +45 353-28642 E-mail
Guassora, Ann Dorrit Kristiane Associate professor +45 353-27157 E-mail
Nielsen, Søren Beck Associate professor +45 353-35950 E-mail
Overbeck, Gritt Postdoc +45 353-37520 E-mail
Thøgersen, Jacob Associate professor +45 353-35749 E-mail