Copenhagen Studies in Everyday Languaging

We investigats how contemporary urban children and youth are socialized through language and how they use language in their everyday lives.

We are interested in language and language use as social processes – what we with inspiration from the work of J. Normann Jørgensen call languaging.  From various perspectives we are occupied with how children and adolescents understand, change and (re)-create their social world through language.

Research themes

  • Food and socialization
  • Enregisterment, language variation and - change
  • Linguistic norms and ideologies
  • Language in the family
  • Popular culture and leisure communities
  • Social media
  • Mother tongue education
  • Social categorization





External researchers

  • Birte Dreier
  • Hamida Naji
  • Narges Ghandchi
  • Özgün Nergiz

Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Astrid Ag Postdoc +45 353-28486 E-mail
Janus Spindler Møller Associate professor +45 353-35742 E-mail
Juni Søderberg Arnfast Associate professor +45 353-29309 E-mail
Lian Malai Madsen Associate professor +45 353-28319 E-mail
Martha Sif Karrebæk Associate professor +45 353-29400 E-mail