Iben Christensen

Iben Christensen

Research assistant, Tenure Track Assistant Professor

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    My primary research interest is Communication Partner Training (CPT). I have been involved as a research assistant in the development of the Health Professionals and Aphasia Questionnaire; a tool to measure health professionals’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practice in communicating with people with aphasia. The tool is relevant for evaluating implementation of CPT-interventions.

    Currently, I am conducting a PhD prejct focusing on the development of a CPT-intervention for health professionals working with people with cognitive-communication disorders. The process of development is framed by use of implementation science models such as the Theoretical Domains Framework and the Behavior Change Wheel.

    I am experienced with specific methodologies for user involvement e.g. cognitive interviews with health professionals and patients, and video stimulated interviews with patients with communicative challenges.

    ID: 921790