Lian Malai Madsen

Lian Malai Madsen


I am interested in how meaning and interpersonal understanding in situated communication are related to more widespread socio-cultural and linguistic processes. In particular my research focuses on language use and communication in contemporary diverse urban contexts.

Current research

I am currently affiliated with the research project SoMeFamily that investigates language and social media in the family:

In addition (2017-19) I have manage the research network SODIAC (Sociolinguistics, Diversity and Action) with a focus on what academics and practitioners can learn from each other about education under culturally an dlinguistically diverse conditions in formal and informal settings:

We have published this book:

Critical Perspectives on Linguistic Fixity and Fluidity: Languagised Lives, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover


I teach in the psychology of language primarily the course on analysis and methodology and in addition to this courses on language, power, identity and learning as linguistic and psychological practice.

I supervise a lot of MA dissertations with all kinds of interesting topics, but in my own work I mostly employ interaction analytical, discourse analytical and sociolinguistic methodology and I have a particular interest in the language use of children and youth, popular culture, leisure communities, identity practices, cultural diversity and educational institutions.


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