Kathrine Lund Hansen

Kathrine Lund Hansen

PhD fellow

Primary fields of research

  • Social interaction
  • Grief
  • Bereavement groups
  • Social support

Current research

PhD project: Grief in conversations and interpersonal relations
Project period: 01.09.2021-01.09.2024

  • Christina Fogtmann Fosgerau, PhD, professor in Language Psychology
  • Mai-Britt Guldin, PhD, senior grief researcher at Aarhus University and founder and director of Center for Sorg og Eksistens. 

The PhD project Grief in conversations and relationships takes an interaction analytical approach to the investigation of 3 Danish courses of bereavement groups for bereaved adults. By this, the project aims to qualify, enrich and nuance the understanding of how conversations can be supportive and alleviating from a linguistic-interactional perspective. This approach in bereavement and social support research is new. Existing bereavement research in social support and bereavement groups is based on quantitative studies or on interview studies that respectively focus on measurable effects of support at the symptom level or on the experiential qualities of support participants can account for after the social support has taken place. By investigating the communicative processes as they unfold in situated practice in the bereavement groups, the project thereby contributes with new insights based on a new methodological and analytical approach to how conversations about grief can be examined and shed light on (inter)psychological processes.

I am affilated with the research group Language, Psyke and Health.

Selected activities

  1. Sorg i samtaler og relationer

    Fosgerau, Christina Fogtmann (Lecturer), Hansen, Kathrine Lund (Lecturer) & Rudolph, A. S. (Lecturer)

    27 Oct 2021

    Activity: Talk or presentation typesLecture and oral contribution

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