Organisational Communication

The research object for the research programme Organizational Communication is the strategic interaction of professionals in their organizational routines and development processes: How organizations, leadership, strategy, identities, relations, knowledge and power are co-created in complex, situated and routinized professional practices, in which internal and external stakeholders accomplish results and negotiate meaning (Cooren et al. 2015; Nielsen et al. 2016 ).

The research programme involves research on the strategic interaction of professionals in their organizational routines and development processes, with a special attention to mutual creation of trust in social interaction, goal-oriented institutional interaction, professionals' video-mediated encounters, and exploring facilitation of strategic interaction.


  • Trust in relations
  • Institutional interaction
  • Video-mediated encounters
  • Facilitation of strategic interaction

The programme uses a wide range of particularly qualitative data collection methods: observation methods (video ethnography, participant observation, shadowing, photo ethnography), inquiry methods (semi-structured interviews and contextual inquiry), experimental methods (think-aloud protocols, simple lab tests and video assisted recall), document collection and desk research, as well as surveys.

The partly basic and partly applied research (Antaki 2011) continuously focus on impact and the involvement of stakeholders in co-creation processes in order to co-create knowledge and explore innovative solutions (Due, 2014; Gravengaard, 2017; Nielsen, 2014, 2015, 2021).

This enriches the work that Organisational Communication has in developing and running 12 communication master and bachelor level courses at NorS, in addition to the supervision of bachelor projects and master theses.





Name Title Phone E-mail
Nielsen, Mie Femø Professor +4535328356 E-mail
Toft, Thomas Part-time Lecturer +4535332613 E-mail

External researchers

  • Jørgensen, Sabine Ellung, UC-SYD 
  • Wåhlin-Jacobsen, Christian Dyrlund, CBS 
  • Ørom, Signe, Connecting Cultures 

Affiliated researchers

  • Christensen, Tanya Karoli 
  • Kongsted, Charlotte
  • Lindell, Johanna Falby 
  • Moberg, Bergur Rønne
  • Morris, David
  • Olsen, Marta Karolina 
  • Stæhr, Andreas Candefors
  • Thielke, Kathrine Emme 

Head of research group