The research group Textual Scholarship visited Litteraturvetenskapliga institutionen at Uppsala University March 2014

Textual Scholarship

Literary studies and linguistics concern working with texts, but commonly as bearers of specific information – an item of knowledge, an opinion, a message, a style, a language of symbols, a rhythm, rhymes, and so on. In textual scholarship, we turn our attention directly to the texts as phenomena and study their origin, transmission and transposition from one medium to another (i.e. from manuscript to print, or from printed books to electronic texts).

Textual scholarship in this context serves as a collective designation for several related disciplines:

  • Scholarly editing (the science of the publishing of literary works and documents)
  • Book and media history (specifically, the history of textual media)
  • Digital text theory
  • Sociology of literature
  • History of libraries and reading

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UCPH scholars

Name Title Phone E-mail
Benne, Christian Professor +4535330085 E-mail
Bjerring-Hansen, Jens Associate Professor +4535331905 E-mail
Blicher, Henrik Associate Professor +4535328315 E-mail
Driscoll, Matthew James Professor +4535328471 E-mail
Duncker, Dorthe Professor +4535328374 E-mail
Hansen, Anne Mette Associate Professor +4535328713 E-mail
Jelsbak, Torben Associate Professor +4535331224 E-mail
Kjeldsen, Alex Speed Associate Professor +4553600121 E-mail
Kondrup, Johnny Professor +4535328363 E-mail
Skriver, Svend Associate Professor +4535328345 E-mail


Research group leader

Professor Johnny Kondrup,