Self-Reflection: To Bend Back, To Mirror, and to Think in the digital, visual Media

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Human experience is based on everything that surrounds us. Not the physical reality, but our perception of and reflection on it. This perception and reflection - presence, intimacy and materiality - are transformed by telematics: Separate rooms can be merged, and the boundaries between our virtual and physical bodies are constantly broken with technology. Perception and reflection are in synergy.

Reflection means etymologically to bend back, to mirror, and to think. My presentation will take its point of departure in this etymology and make perspectives to modern use of refection in digital media. I will take a look at the establishing of the modern self and possibilities of self-reflection, too. My examples will be from the so-called dark-selfies and from a new selfie form, which merge the present with the previous progressing into the future. I will discuss the media reflections as loos and/or gain. As another but short viewpoint telepresence, Skype, will be discussed, where new screen types, presence and reflections are established. In a perspective, I debate my term sore-society in relation to my topic and especially the dark selfies.
Publikationsdato14 nov. 2016
Antal sider14
StatusUdgivet - 14 nov. 2016


  • Det Humanistiske Fakultet - self, reflection interaction, selfies, dark selfies, aesthetics, sore society, subject,

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