Dialectology and language change

The research focus is on dialects and regional languages in Denmark, language variation and change and the relationship between language, the individual and society.


The research focus is on the study of the spoken variants of Danish. Research is conducted in the following areas:

  • Geographical variation: the traditional Danish dialects and the younger regional and social variants of spoken Danish, which in many regions have replaced the dialects. Until recently, the research conducted at the Section mainly focused on spoken language in the Danish archipelago (i.e. not Jutland or Bornholm).
  • Social language variation. The approach and methodology is predominantly sociolinguistic; language is described with reference to speakers’ social backgrounds, in terms of such variables as age, gender, and ethnicity.
  • Conversation analysis. The methodology combines conversation analysis and dialogism with lifestyle analysis and other sociological approaches

Centre for Dialectology

Research in language change

The research adds knowledge on how and why speech changes. We add real time studies to traditional language history based on written sources. We examine how and why the Danish language changes. Our basis is the Danish speech community.

We formulate and test a model for language change; integrating sociolinguistics and language history. In addition, the model considers biological, neurological, as well as developmental and socio-l psychological constraints on language maintenance and change. And we detail specific historical processes as possible determinants of change.

Centre for Language Change


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