Communication Disorders

The Communication Disorders research group is part of the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics.  Our focus is on atypical and impaired communication, language use, language acquisition and language development. Specialist areas in which the group is engaged include aphasia, hearing loss, cleft palate, Specific language Impairment and voice disorders.

Successful communication is dependent on the interaction between a variety of skills including:

  • Signalling systems (language, gesture, mimicry, voice),
  • Social cognitive and cognitive systems (e.g., shared intentionality, inference, memory),
  • Motor output systems (speech organs, hand movements),
  • Sensory input ( hearing, vision).

Breakdown in one of these systems can have consequences for other systems and for the ability of an individual to communicate and interact with others.  The scope of communication impairment is also related to an individual’s ability to compensate and of a communication partner’s ability to appropriately align interaction with regards to the impairment.










Name Title Phone E-mail
David Jackson Morris Associate Professor +4535328660 E-mail
Iben Christensen Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535332802 E-mail
Jenny Iwarsson Associate Professor +4535329100 E-mail
Rikke Vang Christensen Associate Professor +4535328310 E-mail