Concluded projects

The researchers in the research group have been engaged in the following concluded projects:

Impact of syllable stress and phonetic context on the distribution of intermittent aphonia 
Researchers: Jenny Iwarsson and Julie Fredsø Andersen

Language and Cognition - Perspectives from Impairment (LaCPI)
Researchers: Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen, Rikke Vang Christensen, Hanne Trebbien Daugaard and Ditte Boeg Thomsen.

Inference making and reading comprehension difficulties (PhD-thesis)
Researcher: Hanne Trebbien Daugaard

Intelligibility of single words in 3-year-old children with and without cleft palate
Researchers: Mads Poulsen og Elisabeth Willadsen

A restricted test of single word intelligibility in 3-year-old children with and without cleft palate.
Researcher: Elisabeth Willadsen

Past tense morphology by Danish children with language impairment.
PhD thesis by Rikke Vang Christensen

Effects of consensus training on the reliability of auditory perceptual ratings.
Researchers: Jenny Iwarsson og Niels Reinholt Petersen

Development of a Danish version of Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia (Kagan 1998)
Researchers: The project is directed by Lise Randrup Jensen and carried out by speech-language therapists at Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury. The project has been funded by the Danish Health Insurance Foundation and by the Jascha Foundation.

Prosody perception by postlingually-deafened cochlear implant recipients. PhD project
Researcher: David Morris

Musical and speech perceptual abilities of cochlear implant listeners after a music appreciation course 
Researchers: David Morris, Kirsten Worsøe, Ditte Søbæk Johansen

Lexical selectivity in Danish toddlers with cleft palate (link to the group's Danish site)
Researcher: Elisabeth Willadsen

Case study of patient with neologistic jargon aphasia
Researchers: Christina Fogtmann and Lise Randrup Jensen.

Study of implementation of Supported Conversation
Researchers: Lise Randrup Jensen in collaboration with Hysse Forchhammer and Helle Iversen. In addition: Annelise Petersen, Inger Roed Sørensen and Lone Mathiesen.

Building a word database as a tool in empirical research
Researchers: Lise Randrup Jensen, Mads Poulsen og Philip Diderichsen

An inventory of vocal hygiene guidelines in Denmark
Researchers: Jenny Iwarsson, Ellen Lomholt og Karina Thomsen Grønnemose

Effects of speech disorders on future Human Resource consultants’ perceptions of personality and professional suitability
Researcher: Maja Zetterström og Jenny Iwarsson