Modern Scandinavian Literary and Cultural Studies (MosKa)

The research group unites scholars working in Scandinavian literary and cultural studies. The research programme encompasses studies of Scandinavian literature with a special emphasis on ideas and traditions that have played a pivotal role in shaping modernity in the Scandinavian countries from the late 19th century until today.

This may include topics like the Nordic welfare model, feminism and gender equality, but it may also involve questions of national identities and affective communities, migration and post-colonialism. As an example, members of the group are engaged in the history and cultural legacies of Denmark’s colonial past with a particular emphasis on Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

A joint interest of many of the researchers in the group is the significance and performative role of places and geographies in literary texts and other cultural discourses. This includes studies into the representation of places, cities and landscapes in Scandinavian works of literature and their role in the construction of national and regional identities.

Another particular focus of our research is the sociology of Scandinavian works of literature, both from a historical and contemporary perspective. This includes studies of structures and trends within the Scandinavian book markets as well as the circulation and transmission of Scandinavian works of literature into the global literary market.






Name Title Phone E-mail
Bjerring-Hansen, Jens Associate Professor +4535331905 E-mail
Conroy, Alexander PhD Fellow +4535327481 E-mail
Dybdal, Emilie PhD Fellow +4535335524 E-mail
Frank, Søren Professor +4535322167 E-mail
Jelsbak, Torben Associate Professor +4535331224 E-mail
Moberg, Bergur Rønne Associate Professor +4535328371 E-mail
Sandberg, Anna Lena Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535328156 E-mail
Skiveren, Tobias Associate Professor +4529729828 E-mail
Skriver, Svend Associate Professor +4535328345 E-mail
Thisted, Kirsten Associate Professor +4520311992 E-mail
Wennerscheid, Sophie Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535334418 E-mail

Affiliated researchers

  • Auken, Sune
  • Barnwell, Jeppe Lindquist
  • Blicher, Henrik 
  • Kondrup, Johnny
  • Quist, Pia
  • Skriver, Svend