Gender studies

The focus is on cross-disciplinary humanistic research and teaching within gender studies with an emphasis on the historical, cultural and linguistic dimensions, as well as more overall epistemological and scientific historical issues.

Based on a wide range of empirical sources, e.g. public debates, historical sources, new media, literature and popular culture, the researchers examine the intersections between gender and other social categories as sexuality, nationality, race and ethnicity, class, ability etc. The different approaches share the practical and philosophical question: ”How do we handle difference?”

The research unites a series of critical and international perspectives and includes among other queer theories, gender studies, masculinity studies, affect studies, postcolonial studies and critical race theory. These perspectives are centred around analysis of culture and power.

Currently, the research are centred in two research projects:

I the project LOVA, we examine the ways in which the psychological and juridical concept of attachment regulates love migration. In the the project CHAD, we collect and examine the cultural history of the AIDS crisis in Denmark.

Centre for Gender, Sexuality and Difference

The gender research is based at the Centre for Gender, Sexuality and Difference.


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