Communication Disorders

The research of the group concerns a wide range of communication disorders: voice disorders, disorders of language development, communication disorders after brain injury, reading and spelling disorders, and hearing loss.

Each of these disorders is an independent research area, but they also share challenges and methodology with regard to assessment, treatment, and aetiology. The group is concerned with exploring the common challenges while respecting the individual aspects of each research area. The research group overlaps with the study programme in Audiologopedics.


Disorders of language development

Some children have delayed language development with regard to pronunciation, vocabulary and/or grammar. Rikke Vang Christensen is the group’s main contributor in this area.

Reading disorders

Some children and adults have difficulties acquiring and using orthography as a means of communication, learning, entertainment. Carsten Elbro, Holger Juul, Anna Gellert, and Mads Poulsen contribute to this area, and are also part of the Centre for Reading Research.

Voice disorders

Our voice and speech organs are important for spoken communication, but use of the voice is sometimes associated with difficulties. Jenny Iwarsson is the group’s main contributor in this area.


One can have difficulties with the perception of sound resultant from acquired or developmental hearing loss. David Jackson Morris is the group’s main contributor in this area.

Communication disorders after brain injury

Language difficulties are a common consequence of brain injury with pervasive implications for social and professional participation and well-being. Iben Christensen is the group’s main contributor in the area.







Name Title Phone E-mail
Christensen, Iben Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535332802 E-mail
Christensen, Rikke Vang Associate Professor +4535328310 E-mail
Elbro, Carsten Professor +4535328656 E-mail
Gellert, Anna Steenberg Associate Professor +4535328166 E-mail
Iwarsson, Jenny Associate Professor +4535329100 E-mail
Juul, Holger Associate Professor +4535329132 E-mail
Morris, David Jackson Associate Professor +4535328660 E-mail
Poulsen, Mads Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535329131 E-mail

Affiliated researchers

  • Nielsen, Jessie Leigh
  • Nielsen, Mads
  • Stidsen, Mette

Head of research group