Copenhagen Studies in Bilingualism

Copenhagen Studies in Bilingualism is a series published by Center for Studies in Danish as a Second and Foreign Language, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen.

The series - which was first published in 1985 - is concerned with bilingualism and multilingualism, linguistic and cultural minorities, bilingual and multilingual education, Danish as a foreign and second language and related themes. You can read more about the series, its history and its areas of focus in 'About Copenhagen Studies in Bilingualism

The editors of the series are Anne Holmen, Janus Spindler Møller, Jakob Steensig and Juni Söderberg Arnfast. 

A new concept

In 2016 Copenhagen Studies in Bilingualism started to publish free e-publications. Future publications will thus mainly be electronic and be published at this website. As for the content the series is unchanged: It will continue with the same focus on topics related to Danish as a second language and bi- and multilingualism, just like the series will maintain its insistence on scientific quality and relevance in the publications. 

The aim of the new e-concept is to give more opportunities for scientific exchange and knowledge sharing, and we therefore hope that you will pass on and share the publications you find could be interesting and relevant for your colleagues. 

Copenhagen Studies in Bilingualism has furthermore begun a digitalisation of titles from the series' back catalogue. A number of the earlier titles in the series are thus already available in digital versions at the webpage 'Republications'

The series 'Studies in Parallel Language Use', which is published by Centre for Studies in Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use and is a part of Copenhagen Studies in Bilingualism - will likewise mainly publish free e-publications going forward. You can download new e-publications in the series at the website of Centre for Internationalisation and Parallel Language Use.