Subject registers

Pictures, tapes and texts pertaining to preindustrial rural communities are registered in three separate registers, all of which are ordered according to the same subjects.

The list includes subjects related to household, agriculture, fisheries and rural crafts, but also topics such as feasts and celebrations, school, poor laws authorities and superstition are represented.


The subject register for pictures covers images both in the Section’s image collection and topographical collection, as well as those printed in scholarly works. In this register you can find references to pictures of the tools used in baking, the flax processing, grain harvest or fishing, and of the tools used by the blacksmith, the cartwright, the cooper etc. Or pictures of half-timbered and thatched roofs - and much more.


The subject register for tapes covers the Section’s collection of tape recordings of traditional dialects. In this register you can find references to tapes of people talking about baking, grain harvest or fishing. Or to tapes where a blacksmith or cartwright talks about his work. Or to reports of schooling, positions in service - and much more.


The subject register for texts covers material in the Section’s topographical collection, material in Danish Folklore Collection and in scholarly works. In this register you can find references to descriptions of buildings and equipment, haymaking and grain harvesting, threshing, growing tobacco and potatoes, baking and brewing, feasts and festivals, country crafts, fishing – and much more.