Dialect records

The Centre for Dialectology and Language Change has a comprehensive archive of records pertaining to the Danish dialects. These include:

SeddelsamlingerSlip collections

The slip collections consist of alphabetized index slips. Each slip contains a lemma (headword), its pronunciation, morphology, meaning or use, recorded from one particular source, and usually localized to one location, usually a parish.

BilledsamlingPicture collection

The picture collection contains approx. 1400 photographs and drawings or tools, building parts etc. pertaining to daily life in a preindustrial society.

ManuskriptsamlingManuscript collection

The manuscript collection contains approx. 380 (unpublished) manuscripts containing among other things wordlists, dialectical records, peasant diaries and university papers.

Topografisk samlingTopographical collection

The topographical collection contains records etc. from specific locations, usually parishes. The collection is ordered according to topographic number.

EmneregisterSubject registers

Pictures, tapes and texts pertaining to preindustrial rural communities  are registered in three separate registers, all of which are ordered according to the same subjects.