Names and maps

The place-name collections contain name forms from the oldest runic inscriptions to modern recordings, but some periods are better covered than other. The best documented names are the Danish settlement and area names, but the collections also include field-names, topographical names,names of watercourses and waters and street-names.

Topografisk samlingTopographical collections

These collections list name materials in numbered, topographical order according to hundred and parish. Additionally they contain field-names and names of watercourses and waters.

Alfabetisk samlingAlphabetical collection

The alphabetical collection contains all surviving place-name records from the Middle Ages (i.e. the period prior to 1513).

Kronologisk samling

Chronological collection

The chronological collection is diplomatarium from the Middle Ages. Each letter (diploma) is identified using the work Fortegnelse over Danmarks breve fra middelalderen.

Danske stednavnes udtaleReports and records

In the 20th century Danish place-names have been documented through orally transmitted recordings.

KortsamlingMap collection

The Section has a substantial collection of maps, most of them covering Denmark. Additionally there are a number of maps of areas outside the borders of present-day Denmark with place-names of Danish origin.

DanelagssamlingDanelaw collection

This collection contains Scandinavian place-names and name elements from the Viking-Age colonies in England and Normandy.

Elektroniske samlingerDigital collections

A large part of the place-names in the collection are also available digitally in a relations database, and the published volumes of Danmarks Stednavne are being digitised.