Alphabetical collection 

All surviving place-name records from the Middle Ages (i.e. the period prior to 1513) are housed in an alphabetically ordered collection. This collection consists of index cards which are ordered alphabetically.

Alfabetisk middelaldersamling

The best documented names are the Danish settlement and area names, but the collections also include field-names, topographical names, names of watercourses and waters and street-names.

The index cards contain the spelling found in the original source along with a date, enabling the reader to find the name form in the source in question by consulting the chronological collection. A location is also given, so the reader can use the topographical collection and see other occurrences of the same name.

Other alphabetical collections and registers

A register is available in the Section’s library which helps the reader find any name which is found in topographical maps (1:20.000) made by the former state-run cartographical institute, Geodætisk Institut.

The late onomast and professor of Norse languages Kristian Hald's extensive bibliographical register is also found in the library. These make it possible to identify a large number of places where names or name elements have been studied. The main scope of the register lies between ca. 1875-1975.