Digital collections

Several of the Section’s collections are compiled of punch cards – early examples of the use of new technology in name research.

The Place-Names of Denmark and Danish Place-Names

The alphabetical collection has been a part of the publically accessible database Danmarks Stednavne (The Place-Names of Denmark) since 2012. There are currently more than 210.000 accessible place-names, albeit some more thoroughly studied than others.

The somewhat older database Danske Stednavne (Danish Place-Names) has been online since 2009. It doesn’t contain name interpretations as such, but is comprised of the indexes to the printed series Danmarks Stednavne (The Place-Names of Denmark), Danske sø- og ånavne (The Names of Danish Lakes, Streams and Rivers) and Sydslesvigs Stednavne (The Place-Names of Southern Schleswig), where the names have been interpreted. These publications cover most – but not quite all - of the place-names in Denmark and Southern Schleswig.