The Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics covers a broad range of scholarly subjects that in part are represented in the collections of the department library, in part attached to the cultural-historical collections.

The department thus has obligations ranging from scholarly publications to maintaining and digitizing achives related to the linguistic cultural heritage.

Manuscript collection

At the Arnamagnaean Institute about 1,400 manuscripts are stored, mainly manuscripts from the collection of the Icelandic philologist and historian Árni Magnússon (1663-1730). Supplementary material includes a collection of Danish and Norwegian diplomas, as well as Icelandic manuscripts, originally part of the collection of the Danish linguist Rasmus Rask (1787-1832), and purchased in 1833 from Rasks heirs.

Dialect records and sound archive

The Center for Dialectology holds a vast archive of records and recordings of Danish dialects. The vocabulary of the classic dialects are recorded on paper slips, and the sound archive contains about 6,000 recordings of Danish spoken language.

Place-name and personal name collections

At the Center for Name Research the place-name collections contain name forms from the oldest runic inscriptions to modern recordings. The map collection and orally transmitted recordings of older place-names from the 20th century supplement this as the base of the section's research, along with the somewhat less comprehensive collection of personal names.