The ninth international seminar on the care and conservation of manuscripts 14th-15th April 2005

The ninth international seminar on the care and conservation of manuscripts was held 14-15 April 2005. There were over 100 hundred participants from many different countries.

The following papers were presented: Niels Bonde, the National Museum, Copenhagen, and Peter Springborg,  the Arnamagnæan Institute, University of Copenhagen : Wooden bindings and tree-rings, part 2: the manuscripts in Iceland. - Ragnheiður Mósesdóttir, the Arnamagnæan Institute, University of Copenhagen : ‘Publish or perish’. Early Arnamagnæan editions as a means to the care and conservation of manuscripts. - Ted Stanley, Princeton University Library: The Persian miniature and its conservation. - Nil Baydar, Baskent Vocational School, Ankara University : Restoration and conservation: Documentation and conservation of an Islamic manuscript from the 11th century. - Tony Bish, London, and Lara Artemis, the Wellcome Library, London: The ethics and conservation of a 15th-century physician’s handbook. - Jessica Baldwin, the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin, and John Gillis, Trinity College, Dublin: The conservation of a mid-thirteenth century Latin bible from St Colum’s School, Derry. - Melvin Jefferson, Cambridge Colleges Conservation Consortiun: The conservation of the Chronica Maiora written in St Albans in the 13th century by a monk called Matthew Paris and now in the Parker Library at Corpus Christi College Cambridge. - Jirí Vnoucek, the National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague, and Marek Suchy, the Prague Castle Archives: The story of a fragment of St Mark’s Gospel through fourteen centuries. - Andrea Giovannini, Bellinzona, Switzerland : The significance of architectural elements in planning for preservation in archives and libraries. - Jesper Düring Jørgensen, the Royal Library, Copenhagen: An account of the solving of a theft. - Magdalena L. Midtgaard, the Royal Library, Copenhagen: On medieval Danish bindings. - Valeria Kobiakova, the Military Historical Museum, St Petersburg: The conservation of a leather-binding damaged by mould. - Manfred Mayer, the University of Graz : ‘Man Sieht nur das was man kennt’. Schadensphänomene in Inkunabeln. - R. I. Page, Corpus Christi College Cambridge: Early conservation and the problems it sets us. - Pamela Porter, the British Library, London: Preserving the past: England, Iceland and the movement of manuscripts. - Poul Klenz Larsen, the National Museum, Copenhagen: Passive climate control in the new safe at the Arnamagnæan collection. - Svetlana Uspenskaya & Valeria Kobiakova, the Military Historical Museum, St Petersburg, & Gerrit de Bruin & Th. A. G. Steemers, the National Archive, the Hague : A Russian-Dutch project for the development of universal procedures for document heritage preservation and access. - David Cooper, Oxford: The project for the digitisation of the manuscripts at St Catherine’s monastery, Mount Sinai. - Guy de Witte, Ghent: Exhibition conservation: luxury or necessity? Manuscript exhibition conservation in Bruges. - Jeff Clements, Restauratieatelier Meridiaan, Amsterdam: Museum Meermanno, The Museum of the Book at The Hague.

The proceedings are published in Care and conservation of manuscripts 9, ed. Gillian Fellows-Jensen and Peter Springborg (Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 2006).